Join the top 1% of digital tech startups who got marketing right from the start.

Predictable growth for your pre-seed or seed funded digital tech start-up.
Begin with the end in mind

No hacks. Just time-tested principles.

Create for ❤️. Not just likes.

Prove your offer connects deeply with your audience before launching or scaling.

Performance over productivity

Design a lead engine around the metrics that matter. Ditch the busyness for real business.

Build a happy customer factory

Never miss the opportunity for a deal or a customer interaction ever again.
Make a dent in your universe

Zag when others Zig.

It's common to look to competitors for inspiration and to benchmark your own progress - but this often means you Zig with them at every turn.

We encourage and hold you to account to Zag instead.
"We find the value proposition workshop tells us everything we need to know. It's our [not so] secret method of helping start-ups communicate their true value."
- Robbie Maltby | Full Stack Marketer

Over the last 5 years we've partnered with some exciting startups, BIG joint ventures, and in-betweeners.

The start-up secret sauce 🤫

Design a testing framework

Test your messaging using our lean testing framework to segment your audience and better predict results.
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Build a high performing lead engine

Scale your search, display and social campaigns to high performing audiences.
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Delight prospects and customers

Implement CRM and Marketing Automation to get more traction with less effort.
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We're big fans of keeping it simple, we've outlined our process for you


We'll work extensively with you to figure out your goals and where you want to take your brand, along with a plan to get there.


We'll help you execute the plan and support your team wherever necessary.


At the end, we share measurable outcomes and actionable learnings.
How we work

We onboard all new clients in the same way


Value proposition workshop

We run this as a pre-sales exercise with every new client or prospect. This helps us build a picture of your product / service and how it connects to your audience.

Proposal and high-level project plan

We believe in the philosophy that 'planning is guessing' so after understanding your goals and objectives, we design our project plan in 6 weeks sprints and include this in a proposal.

We work together for 6 weeks

In our experience, if we can not deliver value in the first 6 weeks we may not be a good fit for each other. Results speak for themselves so if we're together after 6, we're most likely meant to be ❤️


No need to trust one side of the story. Here's what our customers say about us.
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"Northbound created what I can only describe as the most exciting go-to-market strategy I have ever seen, then executed it with a eye for detail that you don't find in most agencies. Highly (!) recommend.
-Laura Douglas,
Founder, myLevels
"Revenue has increased by over 30% since working with Northbound. Our customers now spend more and refund less, which was exactly what he promised."
-Johnny Dunne,
Director, Vanax Ltd
“Northbound completely changed the way we engage with our customers. Average order value is up by over 40% since rolling out the new marketing plan.”
-Lucas Somer,
CTO, Numundo
"Robbie is my marketing ninja. It's like he can't stop until he's figured out the most efficient system to acquire customers. I'd rather not share him to be honest.
-Amr Yussif
CEO, FinFlx

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PQR Award Winner 2021

Ochre Electric brought their clean energy to a remote region of the Higher Himalayas and changed the lives of over 1000 school-going children in 3 districts.

With their 'Powering Schools' initiative, Ochre Electric is dedicated to building a sustainable and secure future for children around the world.
About Our Company

Got a question?

Ask us directly

Alright, but what exactly do you do?

As a start-up growth agency we help you test your message with different customer segments, acquire those customers, then scale up. We provide all the tools and resources necessary so you can focus on what you do best.

I don't need help testing messages or scaling. I just need someone to do a job. Can we still work together?

We hope so! If you've got all your ducks in a row already, and just need a team to execute a plan, we will happily comply.

Are your rates competitive?

Our rates are fair. Good work comes at a price and while we're not going to gouge you for profit, we do believe in fairly compensating all our stakeholders. We price our projects accordingly.

Do we have to work in 6 weeks sprints or can we just agree a monthly retainer?

We find 6 weeks sprints allow us to plan far enough in advance to make consistent progress, while not planning so far ahead that we miss new opportunities for growth. We invoice monthly in arrears.